The Vacation Chronicles Day 37

A funny thing happened on the way to tucking Dusty in for the night. I know what your go you tuck a hamster in? Or maybe your thought is...where did I go to tuck Dusty in? First of all, you don't tuck them in...hamsters are nocturnal..up ALL night. Where did I go? Well to answer this question, and possibly many more, I must refer you to day 35 & 36. The pocket door escape or escapade. AKA...Lady knocked the door off its track in the closed position and now the only way into Dusty's room is to go outside through another door and enter the room that way. How's that for a long sentence?!. I'm not sure if I mentioned in my previous posts that Lady is staying inside during the day because its now way too hot outside for the old dog. So, she has been staying in Dusty's room which works out fine because Dusty sleeps during the day and has no idea another animal is in the room. The neighbor is coming over a couple times a day to let Lady out for bathroom breaks. I gave Carolyn my key so I wouldn't have to leave the back door unlocked. I didn't need it anyway because I have the garage door opener. So, its 10:30 pm and its time to put Lady out for the night and turn off the light in Dusty's room and lock the door. Remember...I have to go outside to do this. Lights off, door locked...mission accomplished. But...when I tried to open the door to get in the house, it was locked. I had locked myself out!! Rats! I decided it was too late to go to Carolyn's house for the key but figured it would be OK to call. One problem; cell phone is locked securely in the house! I had a fleeting thought that I could sleep on the swing with Lady but decided against it. I didn't want to wake up covered in dog fur, pine needles and pigeon do do!! I tried one of the living room windows and it slid right open(obviously hadn't been latched is now!) I was able to climb through the window. Both Marmalade and Sparky were looking at me like I was the goofiest thing they had ever seen or I was their new super hero. I prefer super hero. Anyway, I had an extra key made. This will be a great story to tell in person....and I will!

2 Response to "The Vacation Chronicles Day 37"

  1. Susan says:
    June 27, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    Would love to be there for THAT telling :o)

  2. Kathy says:
    June 27, 2011 at 8:18 AM

    Oh my! One adventure after another! : )