New Garden Pictures

Cantaloupe..enlarge pic to see bloom! Grass growing nicely too.

Corn, beans and pumpkin. Beans are beginning to flower. Grass is growing nicely too. last count there were 15 tomatoes. Grass is growing nicely too.

Three Sunflowers, cantaloupe, yellow squash, pumpkin, beans, corn, watermelon, strawberry, and tomatoes. Cat. Grass is growing nicely too.

Cool huh?! Grass is growing nicely too.

Stormy Weather

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was howling through the trees, lightening flashing and thunder clapping. It was raining too. Even a power outage! That was last night...really. So far no one at work believes me. Apparently this only happened in my neighborhood. Anyway, I was outside last night rescuing my lawn furniture and other items and wondering if my garden was going to blow over to the next county. My neighbor Susan was also out battening down the hatches. She didn't have any lawn furniture to protect though...I bought hers at her yard sale. I said all that to say this: Marmalade is truly a "big baby kitty". She hid in the house while all of this was going on!! The garden survived just fine.

Thats Just Ducky!

So.....late last night/early this morning I am sleeping peacefully when my cat starts her "it is time to get up" meowing crusade. I; knowing that is nowhere near time; roll over and go back to least try to. She keeps meowing. In half asleep mode I tell her to "come here" and reach out to pet her. I notice her fur feels strange...kinda like how one of those fur- less cats might feel. Alarmed by this, I open my eyes to see I have been petting Aflack's (my giant duck) foot! Marmalade is staring at me from a couple of feet away with her amused cat look. She then jumps on the bed and goes to sleep. Fortunately I was able to get back to sleep also!

More From the Garden..Try To At Least Pretend Excitement

The great furry hunter lurking in the grass and meowing ferociously at two birds. They don't care.

The plants in cages, sorry PETV (people for the ethical treatment of vegetables). Its for their own good. They are being protected from de-ranged insane pigeons, sorry PETA! Never fear...they will be released from their imprisonment when they are strong enough!

Here the plants are enjoying a taste of freedom before going in for the night.

A Sunflower. I have 3 that have survived. For growing up to be such large plants; they are very fragile.

Corn and Beans

Yellow Squash

A very bad picture of the mystery plant.

My Tomato plant. Can you see the 2 little tomatoes?!! There are several blooms too. Also in the left side of the picture you are looking at green onions! There are a few plants not shown...saving for later. Cantaloupe, watermelon, and pumpkin. More later!

A Garden Update

Marmalade AKA "my big baby kitty" and The Great Furry Hunter. Apparently not happy about getting her picture taken!

The garden in pre dig stage.

The garden in half dug stage

The garden all dug and ready to plant.
Garden pictures with plants actually growing coming soon!