Bethany and her manger scene. No words needed.

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy some Johnny Cash!

Adventures in Cooking

The other day I went grocery shopping and while at the store I got this hankerin' for lasagna. I don't know just sounded good. However, I am not a big fan of spagetti sauce so I bought all the ingredients except that. Yesterday I made up my own recipe for lasagna using hamburger gravy and cream of mushroom soup as the sauce! I cooked the hamburger, then gravy, which I added to make the sauce. Then I layered the meat sauce, "no boil" noodles, mushroom soup then cheese..repeat. Baked the concoction about 30 minutes. It was really quite tasty! I think I will name it Brown Lasagna.

Sunday School

Here they are working hard on their project.
Still working.
The finished product!
We didn't finish everything I had planned, but we definatley had fun. We voted and their most favorite part was the Turkey Hokey Pokey (which was hilarious). I sent them home with a coloring page and a Thanksgiving word scramble. A very good day!

Going home to take a nap!

Its My Turn

On the 4th Sunday of each month I "teach" Sunday School to the 1st and 2nd graders. Today is my turn. The lessons are come in a kit with everything the instructor needs. I usually follow the lesson plan and occasionally add my own twist to it. It is pretty easy and straight forward. This week as I was reviewing the lesson I almost fell asleep! It was BORING! No, the Bible isn't boring...just this particular lesson. So I decided to do something completely different (shhh..don't tell Reverend Roy). I figured since Thanksgiving is almost here I would teach about that. I found a "kid friendly" Thanksgiving story, Bible verses about thankfulness, a fun craft, I thought up a goofy game AND we are doing the Hokey Pokey turkey version. You put your right wing in.... It should be interesting.

Tough Birds

Yesterday, while at work I looked out the window and saw an amusing sight. There was a gang of Grackles (birds) loitering in the parking lot. One of them emerged from the group with a cigarette butt in its beak (I kid you not!). One of the other birds ran over and tried to steal it way...what a thug! No pictures though...they were gone when I came back with my camera.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Back to the Garden

It has been a while since I have posted anything about my garden. Rest assured it is still growing! I recently expanded it approximately 8 feet, so now it is about 10 x 18. The tomatoes are growing like mad and there are close to 100 of them in various stages of ripening.

I go out there every day and eat some right off the vine! Yum Yum

Squash, beets, lettuce and carrots are out there too. Also a few sunflowers (they have become my trademark).

I have been preparing the soil for the next big planting which will begin in February. After reading Michelle's blog "Steadfast at Home" post titled My Adventures in Tomato Seed Saving I have decided to plant only Heirloom Seeds. I was struck by something she wrote. "But did you know we are losing His creation? We are losing the genetic diversity of his wonderful creation. We are losing varieties of fruit and veggies that were once known and common".
I printed out her post for future reference then I went online and found a few sources for heirloom seeds and placed an order.

I am still looking for the Peacevine tomato seeds Michelle mentioned. "I grew and saved the seed from my first tomato plants ~ the Peacevine Cherry Tomato. I mentioned above that it is known for having a calming effect and this is due to the high amino acid content of tryptophan in the tomato". Couldn't we all use some of that "calming effect" in our lives?!

I am excited about growing heirlooms instead of genetically altered hybrids! And yes, I ordered heirloom sunflower seeds :)

Just Plane Funny

A New Blogger

Hey, my friend Sharon has begun to blog! It would be great if you could visit her at Thanks, I am certain she will appreciate your encouragement, blogger tips and comments!