One Last Post......

.......before 2009 rolls around. Well, now that Christmas is over and everything returns to a state of normalcy; let me just offer some reflections....go look in the mirror and you will see one! HAHAHAHAHA!, sometimes I crack myself up. OK, forget about about a cat story. My cat, Marmalade is afraid of her Christmas present she received from Lady Bug and Sparky Doo Dah. It is a mouse and it is filled with would think she would like it...weird. Well, it is kinda big and it is orange. if I were a cat I might be a bit leery of it too. I got her (yes I bought my cat a present...didn't buy her any clothes though) a Chia Pet...the one that grows cat grass. She was chewing on it last night when I went to bed. I got up this morning to discover she hadn't been eating it; just pulling the grass out of the dirt and leaving it scattered around the kitchen. Fun!!! Maybe I will plant her orange mouse in with the cat grass...that'l teach her! Hm mm, then I will have to worry about paybacks. I guess I won't do it.

Christmas Songs Gone Bad

Here are some lines you might have not heard before;
1. You'll go down in listerine.
2. Sleep in heavenly peas.
3. Good tidings we bring to you and your kid.
4. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse, soap and hay.
5. When shepherds washed their socks by night.
6. We three kings of porridge and tar.
7. Olive the other reindeer.
8. Silent Night Holy Night mommys calm all is bright.

Mr. Potato Head

Well, I was just sitting here at my desk looking at a Mr. Potato Head toy that is perched on my shelf. I really don't know where I got it...but it is there. Anyway, I was also eating a banana and that got me to thinking about monkeys. Why? I don't know; maybe because monkeys eat bananas. I started wondering if monkeys ever get charlie horses. I decided they don't because of all the potassium they get from eating all those bananas. I guess I am just living up to my blog header: "The Abyss" because it refers to the deep places of my mind, where my thoughts and impressions can be expressed then translated through the written word. Well, I guess this was my thought of the day!

A Test Of Wills

A few posts back I was taking about my cat Marmalade, aka "big baby kitty", and her new habit of removing the blankets from my bed. Remember that post? Anyway, I decided it wasn't a good idea for her to be doing that so I fixed it so she could not pull them off. When I came home from work; my cat ran into the bedroom and stood by the bed meowing very loudly at me. She would look at the bed, then at me then the bed me bed me, meow meow meow. I think she was yelling at me and expressing her displeasure for what I had done. I told her she would be fine and didn't change anything. I left for a while and when I came back she did the exact same thing. Weird huh? Well, this morning I decided that it was ok for her to tear apart my bed and I fixed it so she could. When I left for work this morning she was happily rearranging the blankets. At least I won't get yelled at when I get home!

I Was Only Kidding When....

....I wrote about my pet peeve! Really. I don't mind at all seeing the cupboard doors and desk drawers left open. Really. So....all you jokers out there can quit leaving all the kitchen cabinets open!!! It really doesn't bother me....really! Now let me tell you about my real pet peeve. I hope you can handle this one. It is when...oops I am out of time.