The Challenge

My challenge for February; no bread; is just about over. I really thought it was going to be incredibly difficult; but actually it was quite easy. God's grace perhaps. So, tomorrow I can resume bread eating. However, that doesn't mean I am going to go "hog wild" and eat tons of bread. I've learned I really don't need it! I'm not saying I will never eat bread again(because I surely will) but I wont be eating it at every meal. I've noticed during this "fast" if I don't have bread; then I don't buy processed lunch meat and I have been cooking different..healthier food. Now I am gearing up for my March challenge...walk 20-30 minutes daily. This begins tomorrow March 1st. March, march, march-pun intended.

Have I Seen You Before?

That is what my doctor asked me today. Crazy! He said he couldn't find my records and doesn't remember me. He then left the room. When he returned he said he found them. I am skeptical about that. Anyway; after describing my ongoing symptoms he concluded that I have a history of migraines thus I have chronic migraines. Duh-I had already self-diagnosed that! Then he said the other thing that I might have is Allydonia but he is waiting on what the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist says about my ear pain. He said my ear looks fine then  gave me a referral for the ENT and I will be making that appointment soon.

He also gave me a choice of an Rx or OTC pain reliever for the migraines.  I chose an OTC medication. He also said it would help if I ate less cheese, chocolate and coffee.Actually he said to eliminate them from my diet And reduce stress! I will see what I can do.

Oops..I Thought I Posted This...

But; it appears I wrote it and that is all! The original title was: The Pillsbury Doughboy Is Not My Super Hero.  What is this about you ask? Well a few posts ago I stated that for the month of February I was going on a bread fast. On February 1st I went to my favorite bread aisle and took pictures and said...goodbye bread, bagels, English muffins, biscuits etc... Of course I had to take pictures to make my torture complete! Actually, so far, it hasn't been that bad except I really want some Italian Cheese Bread from Little Caesar's Pizza. But; I am going to stay strong!!