Another Cat Story

Some of you may remember the video...well it wasn't really a video but more of an animated cartoon...of the cat trying to wake up its owner. To view go here:

I think my cat saw that video!! This morning I was half awake/asleep and lying on my side when suddenly my cat jumped on me and proceeded to remove my blanket from my face. She then "tapped" me on the cheek several times...about 2 seconds later my alarm clock went off! At least she didn't hit me in the head!!

Liquid Plumber

Last night, as I emerged from my bathroom, I heard a very odd noise coming from that direction. My cat and I looked at each other and both of us headed in to see what was happening (I am not making this up!) As I turned on the light I could see water pouring out of the toilet!! My cat seemed to enjoy this and started walking around in the water. I said: "scat cat"! and she ran off. I went to get some towels and when I came back in, just moments later; Marmalade was standing on the seat of the toilet playing in the water....I think she was helping it to pour out faster. What a weird cat I have. I finally had to banish her from the bathroom! I had to call maintenance. They came with a snake and a wet vac. After about an hour they finally said they would need to get a plumber in the morning. Hopefully, when I get home today it will all be taken care of...just in case; I will use the facilities before I leave work :)

Got Directions?

OK, most people that know me are aware that I am directionally challenged. Meaning, I have no idea which way to go when someone tells me to go north, west, east or south. Sad but true. If you don't believe me I have several examples. Here are a few: several years ago my old employer put me on a special project. They flew me to Kansas, where I rented a car to drive to the project. I had a map. Well, to make a long story short; when I finally stopped to ask for directions I was in another state! I told my employee about my problem with directions and they just continued to send me out on these projects. Another time, I was driving to Bartlett Lake and stopped at a Circle K for coffee. Leaving the parking lot, I turned in the direction I thought I was supposed to go. My passenger told me I was going the wrong way..up until that time she didn't believe me! Just the other day someone who knows about my problem asked me how I ever found my way to BG's and FL's house. I told them it took a few attempts (even with directions). But in all fairness to me, the way there is like a labyrinth!!! Another person asked me if I wanted something on the east wall or the west wall...I was like whaaat??? huh?? She then attempted to teach me directions. So why am I telling you all this? Because I needed to give you a little history to set up this next story. I was on the phone (at work) with someone needing directions. I actually knew where the place was and also had the address of the place. I asked where she was and I told her she should be able to see it from there. The caller insisted I was wrong. One of my coworkers was in my office and asked me if she could speak to the caller. I handed her the phone. She then rattled off extremely specific instructions on how to get to the desired location. When she hung up, I said; wow, I knew where the place was (having been by it several times) but I had no idea how to actually get there! Later, I talked to the person who provided me with directions to begin with. I told him I didn't know it was so complicated. He then pulled out a map (EEK!!!) and proceeded to show me. I was correct about the location and the address...its just one of those places whose address is deceiving (have to have a guide, a compass and make several right turns to get to front door) can't get there from here! everyone here knows my issue. I told them the Kansas story to which they all got a good chuckle. However, it turns out there are several here who share the same problem! I am not alone.

A Great Find

The other day I was driving home from somewhere when I remembered I had to go to the grocery store. I usually go to a major retail outlet for my groceries and I really didn't feel like doing this. I was just about to dismiss it from my mind when I suddenly remembered an advertisement I had seen in the weekly food ads. It was for the "Fresh & Easy" stores and they had a product on sale that I needed. This memory was triggered by the store's sign about 1/4 mile away. I made a decision to stop and get the stuff there. I have to say it was a very pleasant experience! It is about the size of 2 convenience stores (think Circle K or 7-11) and although limited in selection/variety I was able to buy what I very reasonable prices. They have great prices on produce! I highly recommend shopping there. There is only one drawback however; no cashiers (I don't mind scanning and bagging though). I probably won't replace this store for major shopping, but I will definitely be back for their specials!

Like a Stuffed Turkey

As I lay awake last night unable to breathe, thus unable to sleep, (no, it wasn't the nerve thingy) it was due to intense congestion, I started thinking about a solution to this problem. Of course my cat was very happy that I was awake...I think she thought she was going to get an additional feeding...NOT! I thought to myself; I need a "Breath Right" strip! Then I started thinking about the television commercial for the above mentioned product. I am sure you have seen it. The inventor talks about ways he tried to open his nasal passages. He mentioned using padded paper clips (sounds odd) and straws (sounds gross). Of course then I am envisioning straws in the nose! He probably looked like a walrus or something. Then I wondered how anyone could possibly sleep with straws stuck in their nose..yuck! Well, anyway he figured out the remedy was to put something on the outside of his nose and...ta da! "Breath Right" strips were invented. So, now its about 1:30am and I'm thinking I should get up and go to Circle K and get them. Instead, I tried putting a band aid on my nose (this doesn't work people), so instead of sleeping, I am now fully awake and playing BINGO on my computer. I felt like a stuffed turkey!! Right around 3:00am I thought...I have to get up in 2 hours, and I went back to bed. I think I dozed off about 10 minutes before my alarm went off! So, after about 5 cups of coffee (not really...just one so far) I am ready to face the day. I am positive I will have no problem sleeping tonight...with or without "Breath Right" strips!