The Vacation Chronicles-A Debriefing

Now that I have sufficiently recovered from house/pet sitting I can look back and reflect on what I learned during my 47 days of adventure. Here are my top no particular order:

1. It won't hurt me to be without T.V. programing= although I did watch quite a few videos.

2. It is possible to add too much chlorine to the pool-but it is crystal clear!

3. I need a bigger bed.

4. Resolve Carpet Cleaner works great on dog vomit and feline fur ball clean up!

5. Cats rule-dogs drool! I already knew that, I just like to write it!

6. Hamsters don't appreciate pineapple.

7. Its a good idea not to drop a brick on your fingernail--unless you want the Goth look for a while.

8. Whole bean/freshly ground coffee is awesome!

9. Beware of pigeons at the back door. They usually want something.

10. Hamsters can scream-especially if a cat is showing curiosity towards them!

In conclusion; would I embark on such an adventure again?? Yes, but for only 3 weeks, 4 weeks max!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 47

The Happy Dance

The Wright family will be home some time today!!
This concludes The Vacation Chronicles!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 46

Last night I let Lady stay in the house all night. I had two reasons for this...4th of July...loud bangs etc and it was really humid out there. I decided to sleep in the living room with her because I wasn't sure if I could hear her if she needed to go out. I didn't have to worry though because she didn't move all night...sound asleep. Marmalade and Sparky also ended up sleeping in the living room...a slumber party!! If Dusty could have gotten out of her cage she might have joined us too. Probably not.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 45

On day 44 I wrote about one thing I will miss about this house/pet sitting gig. Today I am writing about the one thing I won't miss. Its not what you think; although I don't know what you think...after all I am not a mind reader! LOL! I will not miss worrying about how Dusty Do Dah is doing. I know, I know, her name is Dusty. But I call her Dusty Do Dah, Dust, Duster, Furry and sometimes I actually call her Dusty! I worried that she wasn't getting enough to eat, or getting too much to eat. I worried that she was getting stressed out from missing Bethany. I worried that I wasn't handling her correctly. I especially worried about her when Marmalade got into Dusty's room and unintentionally frightened her. If you have ever heard a hamster "scream" then you know what I am talking about! The hamster book(which I consulted several times)talked about how bad stress can be on the varmints, so I watched her even more closely after that incident. One time, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I had forgotten to give Dusty a treat with her food. So, I got up and gave her her favorite(according to Bethany)treat. Cheerios! Being a nocturnal creature, she was up and running on her wheel. I apologized profusely and gave her a few extra Cheerios. Anyway, I think she is doing well, but I know she will be happy to see Bethany!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 44

In just a few more days The Vacation Chronicles will come to and end. The pets will be happy to see their owners and one can only assume that the owners will be happy to see their pets. I was thinking about this little adventure this morning and wondering what I am going to miss the most when I go home. I decided it is the pool. Yeah, the swimming pool! I never ever thought I would say that because I am really not a swimmer, but let me tell you...after mowing the lawn or any activity that you need to be outside for more than five minutes, the pool is an instant refresher. I don't actually swim in it...just float around and relax while being serenaded by Lady! I think I will go for a dip right now! Maybe tomorrow I will tell you what I am not gonna miss...

The Vacation Chronicles Day 43 Update

Water yes! I think I shall go clean the bathroom because...well never mind. Then I will go water the plants, they are probably thirsty after 2 1/2 days with no water! Then I will take a shower, then I will guzzle down a big glass of cool, clear water, then I think I will make some coffee!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 43

EEEEEEEEEEKKK!!! No coffee with the girls *Lady and Marmalade*. Off to Circle K

The Vacation Chronicles Day 42

Well I finally came up with a door barricade that Lady cant get through. I guess she is not Houdini after all. She is smart though and apparently has a strong nose. She was able to push everything away from the door, then slide open the door enough to get through, then run down the hall and eat all the cat food! No more of that for Lady Woo Woo!

P.S. In case anyone wants to know: Water pipe will get fixed in the morning(hope, hope, hope).