At Least its Not Heartbreak Hotel

Just borrowing some of Elvis’ song titles.

Life. Its So Strange. I’m All Shook Up and have the Steamroller Blues. I’ve dreamt The Impossible Dream but Its Over and I am Way Down and Indescribably Blue. I know there will be Peace in the Valley, but Where Do I Go from Here? Probably out In the Garden. Okay. I feel better now. Kinda.


At my workplace we have something called Performance Goals. These goals are concocted by upper management and are different every year. One of the goals for my department this year was to watch several assigned online videos and write a 1 – 2 paragraph report on each subject. Here is my favorite submission.

“Image Counts-Presenting Yourself as the Face of Maricopa County”

Image is everything. People judge you by first impressions, and as the saying goes: “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. This powerpoint presentation outlined 5 area where we are Maricopa County’s “face”.
1. Respect = greet each client
2. Communication = speak clearly
3. Be responsible for your actions = do the right thing
4. Follow policies and procedures = know what they are
5. Grooming, dress and hygiene = practice it!

It is imperative to dress for the occasion, whether it is for the workplace, church or other social setting. What is acceptable in one venue may not be in another. For example: I would not come to work wearing the clothes I wear while working in my garden. Nor would I arrive at work with the garden dirt under my fingernails…not acceptable! I would’t come to work wearing a bathing suit (OK I would not go ANYWHERE wearing a bathing suit). Just a little humor for your reading pleasure. 

In my opinion; if you dress inappropriately, you will project a negative image to others, and quite possibly lose credibility with those you are entrusted to serve.

Hurray for casual Fridays!!

Fresh Garden Pictures

A view from the porch

Marmalade lurking among the sunflowers
Its blooming! I think it is a yellow squash plant.
Peppers, tomatoes, corn and leeks.
Tons of tomatoes.

Its a Concrete Thing

The back and side yard pre-patio.

Night on the new patio

Day on the new patio


My new patio is awesome~block fence coming soon!