Kindergarten Woes part 2

This is part 2 of a 5 part assignment. In this writing we are to write about the same episode in part 1. This time from someone else's perspective who was involved in the situation. Obviously we can't know what that person may have been thinking so we have to see ourselves as that person and speculate how they may have perceived or experinced the same incident. So, here it is!

Personal Memory Ethnography Project Part 2

Hi. My name is Cynthia. I am 5 years old and in Mrs. Goodrich’s kindergarten class. I like it because every day I get to play with my best friend, Susan.
However, there is one person here who we really don’t like. Her name is Mary Lee. We don’t know much about her; but she is way different than us. She doesn’t have nice clothes or shoes like we do. Really; her clothes look used; and so far, she has only worn one pair of shoes all year! She smells. Like cigarettes. I think her parents must smoke.
Anyway, we just don’t want her anywhere near us. So, this morning, on the way to school, we thought of a plan to get her in trouble. We decided to build a tall tower out of the wooden blocks that she was always playing with. Then we would knock it down and tell our teacher that Mary Lee had ran over and wrecked our building. During play time we implemented our plan. We built it and violently knocked it over. Then; we started screaming and crying so hard that Mrs. Goodrich came running over to see what was wrong! Of course, we told her that Mary Lee had done it because she wanted to play with the blocks. Mrs. Goodrich punished her by not allowing her to play outside at recess.
Out on the playground; Susan and I laughed and laughed. We knew she would never come near us again!