Yet Another Template

Hi there. Well I have done it again...changed my template! I, along with Kathy, was having trouble reading it through the very cool sunflower background. make things easier I found a new one. I like this one and I think I will keep it for a while. Of course, that is what I said about all of the others! Hope you like it.

Blue Ribbon Crop

This is my award winning weed garden. I am letting it grow until it reaches the top of the garage. then I will chop it down!

Its That Time Again

How about that corn!
Keeper of the garden.
Lots of tomato plants.
Tomato up close and personal!
Here we have broccoli, yellow squash, tomatoes, carrots, spinach and green onions!
Full view of garden. Yes there are sunflowers! And weeds too!

Name Change

Hi there. I have decided to renew,revamp, restructure my blog. Into the Abyss will be no more, but first I have to come up with a new name. I have had a few suggestions and would like your opinion; or feel free to suggest one of your own ideas. Here are a few of the suggestions:

The Village Idiot Speaks
Weeds "R" Us
Mountains out of Mole Hills
Row by Row
The Shallow Abyss
Through the Mud Clearly
The Space Between my Ears
Just thoughts
Thoughts, More Thoughts and Other Thoughts


Song of Solomon

A modern day version..OK this morning after sleeping on a less that comfortable hide-away bed (meaning very little sleep)I thought this was funny. A couple of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. The following post appeared on Facebook last night...

Silly boy to silly girl (name changes) "I tried to send you an iHeart, but I couldn't get the application to work. Consider this an iHeart. BTW, your island is BEAUTIFUL! Wow! So many trees!"

Kathy said "kind of reminds me of a modern day Song of know where Solomon is describing his love..."your island is beautiful" We both laughed...a lot. I still think its funny..This might be one of those "you had to be there". Too funny!

Its A Crime(Scene)

The poor rabbit was doomed from the beginning. It seemed he was destined to become a solid milk chocolate Easter bunny. Everyone knows what fate befalls Easter bunnies…especially chocolate ones. In case you are one of the few people who don’t know….they get EATEN!! But; what happened to this particular bunny was unthinkable. He seemed to be having a pretty good day; sitting in a basket of colorful grass leaning against the handle while assorted mini chocolate bars lay at his feet. Suddenly, he and his basket full of friends was swooped up, placed in a paper bag(where it suddenly got dark) and was whisked away in an orange vehicle. So far it wasn't’t too bad, the orange car made it comfortable for the bunny and his chocolate friends by turning on the air conditioning(after all this is Arizona). But then…the orange car stopped, a door opened and closed. A beep was heard. They were locked in! Several hours later the orange car drove to its home. It was then noticed that the solid milk chocolate Easter bunny had melted into an unrecognizable form. A blob if you will. This is where it became a crime scene. The evidence spoke for itself…an accidental melting! The perpetrator of this crime was shown leniency, after all it could happen to any bunny.

He Is Risen

Happy Easter.

April Fools

I pulled off the greatest April Fools joke ever! I told all my coworkers that tomorrow would be my last day at work as I was getting married on Saturday and moving to Georgia on Sunday. This news was met with much happiness, dismay and even a few tears. They began to plan a going away party for Friday. Before things got too out of hand I announced: APRIL FOOLS!!! For the rest of the day nobody would believe anything I said! It was a good one…too bad its not true.