The Vacation Chronicles Day 41

Little House on the Prarie meets the Beverly Hillbillies:

"Pa, I'm goin to the creek to fetch some water, gotta make sure the animals have water." "Granny Ima gonna take a bath over yonder in the ceement pond..then; since the water will already be soapy; ima gonna do the laundry too!" "Half pint you might wanna bring back some extra water to flush the indoor plumbing." "Good idea pa!" "Ellie Mae the critters need a bathin too...have Jethro bring that big black dog; it looks like shes been a wallering in the mud!" "OK granny, I'll wash the dirty dishes too!" ***no spel chek neded***

The Vacation Chronicles Day 40

It never ceases to amaze me that I have something to write about every day! today i have a lot of stuff I could tell you about. It is so hard to choose. Lets see...I could write about Houdini's continued successful escapes from the school room. I'm contemplating getting her a straight jacket just to see if she could get out of it! Also, I think Lady is learning how to tap dance for another Olympic debut. Click,click, click, clickity, clickity, click, clack, click,click....I'm sure you get the picture. Actually, she isn't learning tap; I think she needs her nails clipped. Oh...the most exciting thing this evening happened when I went out to the front to shut off the sprinklers. After shutting them down I heard a "gushing water sound". Upon further investigation and an attack by a thorny bush; I found the water spigot spewing water from where it shouldn't be spewing water. I turned the water off. Of course this means there is no running water in the entire house! So, then I texted Danny because he is supposed to be stopping here on his way to Memphis or somewhere. Just waiting to hear what my next step will be in this latest adventure. While I'm waiting I think I will go clean the blood off my arm and feed Dusty. I wonder if she will like watermelon as well as she likes pineapple!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 39

Re: Ding Dong Dog....caught red snouted eating most of the cat food! I think she must need some extra attention...not extra food!

This morning Lady(dog), Marmalade(cat/dog) and I were sitting outside watching the sprinklers and admiring the back yard project when suddenly a lone pigeon flew over. It left a large deposit on my pant leg! Perhaps it was mad because I won't feed them. Anyway....GROOOOOOOOOOOSS!!!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 38

Ding Dong Dog...that's all I'm going to say!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 37

A funny thing happened on the way to tucking Dusty in for the night. I know what your go you tuck a hamster in? Or maybe your thought is...where did I go to tuck Dusty in? First of all, you don't tuck them in...hamsters are nocturnal..up ALL night. Where did I go? Well to answer this question, and possibly many more, I must refer you to day 35 & 36. The pocket door escape or escapade. AKA...Lady knocked the door off its track in the closed position and now the only way into Dusty's room is to go outside through another door and enter the room that way. How's that for a long sentence?!. I'm not sure if I mentioned in my previous posts that Lady is staying inside during the day because its now way too hot outside for the old dog. So, she has been staying in Dusty's room which works out fine because Dusty sleeps during the day and has no idea another animal is in the room. The neighbor is coming over a couple times a day to let Lady out for bathroom breaks. I gave Carolyn my key so I wouldn't have to leave the back door unlocked. I didn't need it anyway because I have the garage door opener. So, its 10:30 pm and its time to put Lady out for the night and turn off the light in Dusty's room and lock the door. Remember...I have to go outside to do this. Lights off, door locked...mission accomplished. But...when I tried to open the door to get in the house, it was locked. I had locked myself out!! Rats! I decided it was too late to go to Carolyn's house for the key but figured it would be OK to call. One problem; cell phone is locked securely in the house! I had a fleeting thought that I could sleep on the swing with Lady but decided against it. I didn't want to wake up covered in dog fur, pine needles and pigeon do do!! I tried one of the living room windows and it slid right open(obviously hadn't been latched is now!) I was able to climb through the window. Both Marmalade and Sparky were looking at me like I was the goofiest thing they had ever seen or I was their new super hero. I prefer super hero. Anyway, I had an extra key made. This will be a great story to tell in person....and I will!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 36

Well, on day 35 I mentioned how Lady could open the pocket door. I also said that I was able to close and block the door securely on both sides. Well guess what?? She did it again! Unbelievable! Carolyn discovered this when she came over to let Lady out. She closed the door and put a bunch of stuff in front of it. Lady, who's new name is Houdini, attempted to get through the door again. She was not successful this time however. She did manage to knock the door off it's track...fortunately in the closed position. may want to have the living room rug cleaned when you get home. :(

The Vacation Chronicles Day 35

Another new Olympic sport! First, it was Marmalade with "dog food hockey", then Sparky had to get in on the action with "short hallway sprints". Then Dusty and her "pineapple toss". That just leaves Lady to come up with a new sport. She has. It is called "pocket door opening". True. Somehow she has figured out how to open the pocket door! Now, when I leave her in there I have to dog proof the doorway. Barricades on both sides of the closed door! I am glad that the animals take turn acting crazy instead of all four of them at once!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 34

This one is especially for Susan because she wanted pool pictures!
I shall call it:

Oh my goodness gracious it is soooo hot, just look at that sun!

But wait!! Look at that pool! But; sadly; I don't have a swim suit. Oh what to do, what to do. I know....
....I will wear my cheerleader outfit! Ahhhhhh, so refreshing!

Ok, I am done swimming, now I will sit on the edge of the pool for a bit.

Uh oh I am starting to get a bit cold...I will just wrap myself up in my Sham Wow! towel.

The End.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 33

.....and a woo woo here, a woo woo there everywhere a woo woo
And at that house there is a hamster
The hamster runs all night long
With a squeak squeak here and a squeak squeak there, here a squeak there a squeak everywhere a squeak squeak
And when she eats she stuffs her face
With an apple here an apple there, cabbage here, cabbage there, apple and cabbage everywhere
And pineapple isn't allowed in the cage
Pineapple here pineapple there, pineapple everywhere but in the cage

The Vacation Chronicles Day 32

Sung to the tune of: "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" (sort of).

Ooooooo Mary Lee is house and pet sitting
And at that house there are two cats
With a cat cat here and a cat cat there, here a cat there a cat, everywhere a cat cat
And those two cats they sure can talk
With a hiss hiss here and a hiss hiss there, a meow meow here and a meow meow there, everywhere a hiss hiss, everywhere a meow meow
And at that house there is a dog
E I E I O (sing it-you know you want to!)
With a woo woo here a woo there, everywhere a woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo,woo,woo, woo, woo, woo, woo....

To be continued...

The Vacation Chronicles Day 31

Had to go mow the "other lawn" after work. It was sooooo hot, but then I realized I had a nice, clear and refreshing pool just waiting for me. So, yes, I went and took an intentional dip into the pool. Ahhhhhhh.....nice. Marmalade(who wont go inside the pool fence) just stared at me like I was some kind of a kook!

Just a side note on my Dr. Smith, (yes Lost in
Dr. Smith) would say...."the pain, the pain". Just kidding.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 30

This is what Marmalade sees first thing every morning...Sparky Do Dah waiting to chase her down the hall! Notice the mischievous glint in Sparky's eyes.

Speaking of Sparky; a few posts ago I wrote about her drinking my water. Well, I have a new one for you! I had a glass of water which only had about 3 inches left in it. Sparky came over and sat by the glass. I wasn't concerned because I was certain she couldn't stick her head in the glass that far. I was right. Instead of her head, it was her paw. She proceeded to take a bath in my water!!! I got myself a clean glass. Somebody needs to call her parents!!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 29

Man am I a "creature of habit" or what?! I realized this morning; day 29 of this continuing saga that I could be doing laundry ANY time my little heart desires. But what is that I do? I wait until Saturday morning to do it! Crazy! I get coffee, throw the laundry in and there you have it. I guess I don't see any reason to change my routine...after all y'all should be home eventually!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 28

Well its summer in Arizona. Actually its not officially summer until next week but man is it hot! I mowed the front yard a little bit ago. I came in and fixed myself a glass of ice cold ice water. I sat it down for just a moment and when I turned around guess what I saw? Sparkly Do Dah drinking my water!!! Now I know all the animals have water because I check it twice, yes twice a day! So, finally she stops drinking and moves on. Upon examining the glass, I see no evidence of backwash so I take a giant gulp. Ahhhh, refreshing. Apparently Sparks didn't like that and she came back for more. At the same time, Marmalade and of course Lady'(who always is in the middle of the action)come over. Hissing ensues and nobody but me gets the ice water! One question....why is Lady wearing Marmalade's tail on her snout? Kinda looks like a fur boa! Hahahahaha. Too funny-you would have to see it to understand.

Note to Bethany: Dusty does not like pineapple....she actually threw it out of her cage! Lady vacuumed it up for me :)

The Vacation Chronicles Day 27

Late last night/early this morning I am awakened to the sound of loud crunching! Its not Marmalade because she was right next to me and wide awake. I think we were both woken up by this noise. So, stealthily I lean over the bed to see what was going on. It was Sparky in for a late night snack!! I went back to sleep. This morning I checked her food bowl thinking it might be low...its not. What a cat!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 26

Somehow the pictures/words don't match up but I think you can figure it out!

The cool pool

Indoor sun bathing!

Dusty and her secure doorway. On the other side is a card table on its side and a step stool leaning against it!

Sparky in her favorite spot!

Marmalade on "her" chair.

Lady patiently waiting for a treat.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 25

If I were to name this post something other than The Vacation Chronicles Day 25 I would call it EEEEKKKK!! because that is the sound I heard coming from the Hamster room about 45 minutes ago! I ran in there to see the back door open, Marmalade sitting on the floor and Dusty looking rather concerned. It seems Marmalade opened the back door! I probably didn't shut it properly. Anyway, back to my story. I shoo-d Marms out and began talking to Dusty in a calm,soothing voice while she is staring at me wide eyed. Finally, I opened the cage and she let me pick her up. I held her for a little while, took her picture then put her back in her home. I then gave her fresh food with a few extra Cheerios on top. She seems fine and is running in her wheel now.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 24

Well it finally happened. The pocket door de-pocketed. That meant I had to come up with some ingenious method of keeping the cats out of Dusty's room and cage! So here is what I did: I put the blue card table on one side of the door then I closed the door as far as it would go...a little more than half way. Then I took two laundry hampers stacked on top of one another and kinda wedged them on/in the other side of the door. It looks ridiculous but it works!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 23

Took a dip in the pool today. Well, I kinda sorta fell in whilst trying to retrieve the chlorine floating thing. Fortunately I didn't have my phone in my pocket!! I learned that from Danny's phone mishap...when tending the pool leave your phone in the house. The water was actually quite refreshing so I stayed in for a bit. Then, because I had no towel, I dripped all the way through the house. Hurray for Sham Wow!! I think I may try it again tomorrow....not the falling in part... and this time I will bring a towel! In case you are wondering, I did successfully retrive the floater thing!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 22

Busy day today. Coffee with Lady and Marmalade...not the instant stuff either!! Shocked and vacuumed the pool. At this moment its looking pretty good! Mowed the back yard. I had to because when Marmalade walked through the grass I couldn't see her and when Lady laid down I could barely see her! Worked on the back yard project while Lady and Marmalade supervised from a shady spot in the freshly mowed yard. Had to make an emergency run to the grocery store..was running low on important supplies like; creamer for me and Cheerios for Dusty! I will be cleaning her cage tonight because I didn't do it last night...fell asleep during my movie...woke up as the credits were rolling. Everything and everyone is well here but we miss you all!!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 21

Note to self: when removing baking sheet from oven, remember it will still be hot when you set it down. Don't pick it up without a potholder! Well its another exciting evening here at the Wright home. Tonight I am going to clean Dusty's cage while she wanders around in he exercise ball. I have to keep Marmalade away from her or she might try batting the ball down the hall. That wouldn't be good! Speaking of cats...they continue their races through the house although there is no clear winner. Oh, Hey, I got to use a Sham Wow! cloth today. Lady got all excited about the piece of bread and peanut butter heading her way and totally spilled her water bowl everywhere!!! It worked quite well!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 20

When I first accepted this house/pet sitting gig 20 days ago I had forgotten that this household doesn't watch television. This means no cable, antenna or other device to make TV programing accessible. EEEEKKKK!!!! How will I survive! However, there is a TV, a DVD player and a VCR. I haven't been able to watch any DVDs because Daniel isn't here to operate it for me! No oatmeal either! Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I decided to gather up a bunch of tapes that I had never viewed or hadn't watched in a long time. No Veggie Tales, Star Wars, Thomas the train, Lost in Space or Mr. Ed videos! First I picked out a few here, then went and got some from my house and found a few at Savers. Then I proceeded to set up what I like to call my "Home Theatre on a Budget." I turned the recliner to face the TV. Lined up the movies I had acquired on the little hutch thingy and arranged the remotes(although I don't use them)in their own row on the thingy. So far I have watched:
Shadowlands-slow moving but good
The Longest Day-2 tapes which turned into a 3 evening extravaganza
Sense and Sensibility-BORING, I turned it off after about 15 minutes
Sounder-a sad, sad movie
Tea for Two-kinda silly but fun
I'll Cry Tomorrow-true story about someone I've never heard of
Rio Lobo-typical John Wayne movie
The River-pretty good movie

Tonight I think I am going to start watching Gettysburg, Its a 2 tape-er so it will take at least 2 evenings to watch. But first I have to get Marmalade to relinquish the chair! Oh; I really haven't missed TV programming!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 19

For the past few days I haven't secured Sparky in her room when I go to work or anywhere else. I figure if they haven't gotten into a huge fight by now then they aren't going to. It seems to be working out quite well. Today when I got home it appears they were in the middle of a game of tag...or possibly hide and seek. They were running from room to room, but not to the same room at the same time! If I didn't know better I would have thought there were more than two cats in the house. Marmalade ran down the hallway and actually hid between the living room and the hallway. Seriously. I figured she was laying in wait for Sparky. When I got to where she was, she jumped out and took a swing at me and ran off! She was waiting for me!! Me...unbelievable! Then....I observed Sparky chowing down on Marm's food! If you remember an earlier post I blamed Lady for that; now I don't know what to think except they are ALL in cahoots...secretly conspiring against me! Dusty continues to rearrange her house (see day 18) and Lady...well...Lady continues to be Lady.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 18

Wow!! I don't know whats up with Dusty. She has become quite the slob! I keep her cage clean, give her fresh food and water daily. I even have chats with her every time I pass thru her room. Well, that little rat has taken to pushing her bedding all over the place--even OUTSIDE her cage. She even moved her food bowl about 5 inches from its normal location. I have no idea how she did that! Today, or should I say late last night, she pushed about 1/2 of her bedding up one side of the cage- might be an escape attempt in the making. Bethany may have to re-train Dusty when you return. And then there is Sparky. Apparently she has a new exercise program. She runs up and down the! Maybe she wants to join Marmalade at the Olympics. Her event would be "short hallway sprints". Marmalade just sits on the piano (yes the piano) and watches.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 17

So... this morning I stumbled blindly into the kitchen only to face an angry coffee maker! Somehow it had gotten two mugs from the cabinet. It pointed at the cups and demanded to know: "WHERE HAVE THEY BEAN?!" It said "bean"-really- just look at the picture and you will see that its true!

Anyway, I explained that y'all were on vacation and would return at an undisclosed time. I can't tell you what it said next because it would need to be filtered! THEN, it started grinding its teeth and groaning. It got louder and louder then finally it was quiet. It then started this dripping sound....I think it was crying! Hopefully its not brewing up some sort of a scheme!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 16

Also known as "Adventures in House Sitting". I wonder if there is a market for such a story....hmmmmmm. Danny stopped in for a short visit to his green pool( before heading out to who knows where). He fainted at the sight! Just kidding, although he was a bit flabbergasted by it. He did give me further instructions though. I now know how to vacuum the pool. Gee, I hope the Hoover's electrical cord will stretch that far; and I think I will need a big waterproof vacuum bag. Again just kidding! Animals are all seemingly normal today-I wonder if they are plotting something for later. You know what else I'm wondering about? I'm wondering where Danny hid his new stash of Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 15

Yippie!! I found the source of the irritating beep. It was a low battery on the the smoke detector. I ripped down the detector and threw it in the green one will ever find it!! Bwahahahaha. Just kidding, I changed the battery and put it back up. Was out working on my back yard project. I have just one thing to say about that little endeavor: WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I have no idea... Oh well; I guess I will just have to keep working on it a little bit at a time. So, a little bit ago I heard this odd noise, kinda like somebody crashing into something. Sounded like it was coming from outside so I went out front to check it out. There was nothing to be seen so I came back in. A few minutes later I heard the same noise. So I mosey down the hall just in time to see Sparky Do Dah attacking the window in Bethany's room! There were two cats on the windowsill and she was trying to get at them!! I went outside and chased the cats away then closed the blinds. I'm going to keep them closed because I don't want Sparks to hurt herself and/or break the window. All is calm now.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 14

AHA!!!! I finally figured out what was happening to Marmalade's food. All this time I thought it was Sparky; but its not. Its Lady!!! For reals! I have proof too. Sparks was sleeping on Bethany's bed, Dusty confined to her cage and Lady was hanging around the kitchen. I had to go outside and wrangle Marmalade. When we came in, Lady had a suspicious look on her face, Sparky was still asleep..Dusty too. I then went into Daniel's room (where Marm's food bowl is) and noticed the bowl was completely and totally empty! Even the crumbs were gone! I suppose that is Lady's revenge for the cat(s) eating her food. OK, its off to clean Dusty's cage and find the cause of that incessant beeping...probably something in need of new batteries.

The Vacation Chronicles Day 13

Pet Pictures. Enjoy! A sideways Marmalade.
Marmalade trying to hide from the camera.
Dusty..not quite awake!
Excuse me...trying to sleep here!
Another picture?
Sparky Do Dah aka The Alpha Kitty

Heres Lady!

The Vacation Chronicles Day 12