The Vacation Chronicles Day 19

For the past few days I haven't secured Sparky in her room when I go to work or anywhere else. I figure if they haven't gotten into a huge fight by now then they aren't going to. It seems to be working out quite well. Today when I got home it appears they were in the middle of a game of tag...or possibly hide and seek. They were running from room to room, but not to the same room at the same time! If I didn't know better I would have thought there were more than two cats in the house. Marmalade ran down the hallway and actually hid between the living room and the hallway. Seriously. I figured she was laying in wait for Sparky. When I got to where she was, she jumped out and took a swing at me and ran off! She was waiting for me!! Me...unbelievable! Then....I observed Sparky chowing down on Marm's food! If you remember an earlier post I blamed Lady for that; now I don't know what to think except they are ALL in cahoots...secretly conspiring against me! Dusty continues to rearrange her house (see day 18) and Lady...well...Lady continues to be Lady.

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