When I adopted my cat from the Humane Society 4 years ago she already had a name. It was Phoebe. No offense to the Phoebes out there; but that is just NOT a name for a cat. I immediately changed her name to Marmalade! Well, since then she has gained several names or should I say "nicknames". She is known by "big baby kitty", "the great furry hunter", "crazy cat", "the green hornet aka super hero", "no neck" and my new personal favorite "the talking paperweight". I don't think she really cares what I/we call her as long as she has food and a clean litter box!

What A Pill

OK so a while ago my doctor put me on a "statin" medication for high cholesterol. However, this particular pill's side effects made me quite ill! So another brand, was tried, then another, another, get the picture. They all made me sick. Finally I told my doctor: "I'm not gonna take it anymore!" He somehow convinced me to try a "non statin". I agreed to this for 2 reasons. 1. He said this medication had little or no side effects and 2. he gave me a free 3 month supply. Guess what?? There are side effects! I should have known. However; just like when I was on the statins, I didn't attribute the symptoms to the meds. I thought I had some weird virus/flu or some unknown dreadful disease. Well....yesterday morning, after a very restless, painful and bizarre dream filled night, I realized it just might be from the new pill. After an Internet search it appears that I was right...side effects. So as of yesterday I have ceased takings the meds. I will be eating more oatmeal and Cheerios!