Did you know that every 12 years you have to update your drivers license photo at the DMV? Well you do. I got the notice in the mail and it had to be done by April 1st. So, I went this morning about 10:15. It is not a good sign when 99% of the parking spaces are taken. Oh well, I knew it was going to crowded. I walk in to see a very long line just to get a number and only one person operating the desk. Eventually I got my number A083. Not bad I thought. Then I noticed they used the ENTIRE alphabet and in what appeared to be in no particular order! So I waited, then I waited some more. Finally A083 was called. I paid my money then I had to go wait in the picture line. The machine spat out 2 pictures and then broke down. Big sigh here. As the ladies behind the counter were fixing the problem the line grew increasingly longer until it was no longer distinguishable as a line. Finally they fixed it, but had to retake everybodys picture that was ahead of me...I wondered how long they had been there! About 2 hours after my entry into the DMV my picture was taken; and what an awful picture it is. I am having an abnormally bad hair day as is evident in the photo. It also looks like I am really, really mad! It is probably how I would look if I were stopped by the police. But; I gladly took it and went on my way. I consoled myself with a stop at Panda new favorite is Mandarin Chicken...yummy! No, you may NOT see the picture.

A Gift

I received a gift this morning. It was from my cat. She has a brand new backyard and she seems to have three favorite activities in the yard. One is eating grass, another is birdwatching and the other is laying in the sun or shade. This morning I found the present on my bathroom rug. It was a huge amount of grass that she had apparently swallowed whole and regurgitated! I explained to her that if she was going to eat grass she needed to chew first before least 40 times!! Oh well, at least it is a green rug.

A Very Moving Tale

I moved Thursday. The day before I called the people who were helping me (the ones with the truck and trailer!). We arranged to meet at my apartment at 1:00pm. I thought that was a great time because I wanted to take some stuff to our local thrift store on Thursday morning. Very good plan. So...later that evening I was chatting on the phone with Kathy (I had a Chatty Cathy doll when I was a kid...hmmmm) anyway..sorry for the rabbit trail. It was about 6pm and I was eating dinner..a can of tuna and a cup of leftover and very strong coffee. I know, I know it doesn't sound too good; but remember I am moving and most everything is packed! I was drinking the coffee because it sounded good and I didn't have to get up early for the movers. I very rarely drink coffee in the evening because it keeps me awake. Back to the phone. While I was talking to Kathy the call waiting sound kept beeping. I told Kathy that whoever it was could leave a message. I finished the call and the coffee and then listened to my voicemail. It was Karen. She called to tell me there was a change in the moving plans because Bruce had forgotten he had an appointment at 2pm. The new time was 7:15 am! I instantly regretted drinking that coffee. I now had to accomplish everything I had planned to do the next morning (except the thrift store) that evening. Well, with the help of the caffeine I was able to take care of it all. Now you are probably thinking "so what is the problem?". Well....when I finally went to bed around 11:00pm I was wide awake; unable to sleep. I don't even know why I bothered to try! I think I finally drifted off into slumber around 2am. About 4:30am my cat decided it was time for me to rise and shine...she wouldn't take no for an answer. So, I rose but I refused to shine! After a few minutes my cat went back to sleep-her mission was accomplished! While she slept I loaded my car with a bunch of stuff and waited for 7:15 to roll around. Well, to make a long story a little bit shorter, we got all moved in. My cat had no problem with adjusting to her new environment and didn't cry all night like the last time we moved. I took a really long nap. After my nap; I showed her the backyard (which is huge!) and she immediately laid down in the sun..purring happily. Good kitty. Now the only thing left to do (besides unpacking) is cleaning the apartment. Tommorrow.


Marmalade and I just got back from her yearly Vet visit. Last year she weighed in at 13lb 13oz. Guess what she weighs now...go ahead take a guess. I will tell you in just a bit. First let me tell you about the trip there. My cat is a talker..even in her sleep. Well; she loudly expressed her displeasure at being in a cage all the way there and back. I am surprised she didn't hyperventilate because she never stopped meowing. Whew! I'm glad that's over. Right now she is contentedly perched on the windowsill staring outside...probably at a bird. OK; she now weighs in at a whopping 14lb 15oz! I told the Vet she was big-boned, still has her thick winter coat and just ate breakfast. Next cat food purchase will be Iams Light!

Good News/Bad News

Well the saga continues. Today we found out the amount and type of positions that will be eliminated! Human resources will "email staff whose scores indicate they may be separated from employment no later than April 3, 2009." That's the bad news. The good news is: those affected will be employed through the month of June! Will keep you posted.

Mad Cat

My cat is stressed out. We are getting ready to move at the end of the month, so packing abounds! There are boxes and semi organized piles everywhere. Quite a few items have left the building! I have given a bunch of stuff away and apparently she misses it. I don’t know why; I didn’t give away ANY of her stuff. When I get home from work she meows loudly at me and runs crazily through the apartment. I keep telling her everything will be fine but I don’t think she believes me. I think she is mad. Almost every time I walk by she takes a swipe at me…I have learned to take a wide berth when passing her! The last time we moved she spent two nights meowing (crying?). The move will be over soon…then she gets to go the Vet for her yearly checkup…I think I will invest in a suit of armor!


Its my birthday and I didn't get a pink slip!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

RIF Update

The RIF number is now down to 13%! Stay tuned for future developments.

Its Over!!!

Finally, finally, finally I finished my online spanish class. I am sooooo glad that is over. My final grade is a "C" and I am very happy about that. I can actually sort of kinda carry on a basic conversation as long as we talk really slow and use alot of hand signals.


Well, it finally happened. Yesterday we received notice there would be an 18% RIF...RIF = "a reduction in force" aka layoffs. We all knew it was coming; but no one expected it to be such a HUGE number. As you can imagine; everyone was very upset and concerned. The topic weaved itself into every conversation and not very much work got done yesterday. The email from the Director said they will be meeting this week to discuss the process and we should know very soon who will be affected. I am actually relativly peaceful in all of this, and trying to be a light to my fellow employees and considering the birds of the air (Matthew 6:26-->).


Lately I have been playing Bingo on the computer. I enjoy playing computer games. It is my way of relaxing, unwinding and De-stressing from the day or from taking my Spanish final (which I am sure I bombed). That may be a subject for another post. Anyway, when playing bingo, every time the caller says B1; I think of when I used to work in the craft warehouse. Why? you ask. Because B1 was the part number for photo boxes and somehow that is stuck in my head three years later. Well...that got me to thinking about how we speak bingo numbers in our everyday lives. B4 you think i have finally gone off the deep end; don't worry i haven't. Just think about it. Have you ever told someone to go west on I17? No wait...I'm not sure. but I don't think you can go west on I17. See earlier post entitled "Got Directions". Or, has someone asked your age and you responded with I18 or possibly O73? How about believing medical tests will be B9? Have you taken your vitamin B12 today? OK, I can't think of any others at this moment. sunk my battleship...oops wrong game!