An Incident

I have a great job. I answer the phone, greet clients, handle a variety of paperwork and other duties as requested. Things are generally pretty quiet. But not today! Today we had an incident. While I can't go into detail, I can tell you there was a lot of yelling going on. At one point it was requested that security call 911!! While the call was being placed; the "gentleman" increased his vocal output, and appeared on the verge of violence, so I stepped into the situation and ordered the guy to move to the other side of the room or be escorted to a different room (away from his source of anger). He said "forget it" and stormed out of the building. A few minutes later he tried to come back in but was denied entrance by myself and the security officer. Soon after that, law enforcement arrived and made their reports etc. Hopefully everything will be resolved for the indivduals involved in this incident. I still think I have a great job!


Well, I have been thinking again...I know, I know, that can be pretty dangerous for me; but oh well. I have been thinking about soap operas. I don't know why; I haven't watched any in years-perhaps decades. But anyway, my thoughts went sort of like this: Life is kinda like a soap opera. We get up in the morning and realize that "these are the days of our lives" and "as the world turns" we understand that we have but "one life to live" so we should make the best of it. We should all stay out of the "general hospital" and "dark shadows". Then I couldn't think of any more soap operas. The end.

Hair Cut

Yesterday I went and got a haircut! Great Clips was having a 7.99 haircut sale and I decided to take advantage of it. I can hear you thinking as you are reading this post...whats the big deal; why is she writing about a haircut. Some of you are aware that with this "irritative cervical radiculopathy" thing that I have (my pain in the neck ). Quite often it causes inflammation in/on my skull and makes it very the point that even my hair actually hurts. My week has been full of this kind of pain. Not a fun experience. But, I really needed a haircut. So, I decided to not let my ailment rule my life (at least not yesterday)! I think I am slowly learning that in spite of how I feel I just need to keep plugging along, trusting God that he is not going to give me more than I can handle! That would be a good thing to learn a little quicker!

Trying Not To Sound Sappy

What have I learned in the last year? Well, really I already knew this stuff but my recent hospitalizations make it even more clear to me. I know some really good people who care about and are concerned for me. That gives me warm fuzzies inside...that's better than dust bunnies under the bed! I have a cat who has some really strange idiosyncrasies (much like me), but as much as an animal can show care and compassion, she does it by hardly ever leaving my side, and by biting my toes in the middle of the night. I think she is either making sure I am OK or just wants some attention. Anyway, I am writing this to say thanks for all the prayers, food, neck massages guys (you know who you are) are the best!!!