Goliath Is Dead

I did the deed. I slew Goliath. I did it this morning with my bare hands. Goliath is/was my 9 foot sunflower. He(one must assume its a "he" by the name) was named Goliath by my friend Daniel....because "Goliath in the Bible was 9 ft tall" too. Goliath's head is now in a paper bag hanging on a nail in the garage. When he/it dries out, I am going to collect the seeds and plant them next season. I still have 2 more smaller plants to "take care of", but they are not ready just yet. Then the challenge will be to dig up their monstrous stalks. I will take pictures!

Dirty Birds

So about two weeks ago I planted some more sunflowers and squash. They started poking their heads through the soil a few days ago. I was very happy to see this because I really like sunflowers (maybe you have noticed!). I got home from work yesterday and went out to look at the garden. The plants were nowhere to be seen...just holes where they had been! Those dirty birds have been at it again!!! I don't understand why they eat my plants and not the fresh green grass that also grows in the garden!! Oh well, I should have covered the plants with my chicken wire creations...next planting I will.

A Driving Force

Check this video out. This lady knows how to take care of her car AND herself. They sure don't make em' like they used to!

http://growingbolde r.com/media/ technology/ vehicles/ romancing- the-road- 259598.html

A Little Humor

This appealed to my sense of humor and I wanted to share it with you. Hope you find it amusing too!

Keeping the Beat

I really enjoy the praise and worship at my church. But I enjoy it even more when a certain person is on the drums. We have several drummers, and they all do well... but when this guy drums (which isn't often enough) he brings with him a presence and anointing to the platform. I just want to say way to go Danny, you did/do an excellent job!!

Car Update Stuff Added

Well...they got all my CDs except for 2 teaching ones. I hope they listen to them and get saved!! They also got my cell phone charger and a pair of shoes I was returning. Still cleaning up glass and now drinking coffee. Hey, I've been up since 2:45 am, I can drink all the coffee I want.

They also took my bible...the one that is all marked up, written in etc...they also had the nerve steal Daniel's mints!!! Unbelievable! Don't worry Daniel, I will get more. :)


Sorry. That is what I said when I found out my car had been broken into. This morning, at 2:45 my phone rang. Now, you and I both know that a phone call in the middle of the night can only be bad news. It was Karen. She said a policeman was outside and "it appears your car may have been broken into". I quickly got dressed and went outside. Sure enough, the policeman was there. The hatchback on the car was wide open and, as I came around to the drivers' side the window had been smashed in. Glass was everywhere!! I said it again...crap!!! Then I apologized to the officer. He laughed and said "no problem, I have heard much worse". After he dusted for prints I was allowed to check for further damages and see if anything was missing. Nothing was. It was just a mess...more so than it usually is. CDs were strewn all over and of course, a bunch of glass. Then I called my insurance and reported the deed. Windshield replacement scheduled and no cost to me...yahooo! I am taking the day off. Hey!!! this is my 100th post!

A Sad, Sad Day

A few days ago I decided it was time. Time to get out of denial and pull up the corn, squash and cantaloupe as they were done producing. Marmalade and I went to the garden. I put on gloves and she sat in a chair...she is the boss you know.

This is the aftermath. I felt like the name on the can...BRUTE.

But then I turned around and saw the remainder of my garden.....Sunflowers almost ready for harvest...

.....pumpkins....and watermelon (not pictured)
I then planted more corn and squash! Although it was kinda sad to realized my first garden was just about to be history (at least parts of it), I was happy to think that September (and a new growing season) would be here soon and I will be able to plant a whole new variety of vegetables. Oh, by the way; the cantaloupe was very tasty!

The Best Zucchini Bread Recipe Ever

And it is really easy!

3 cups shredded zucchini
1 2/3 cup of sugar
2/3 cup oil
2 tsps of vanilla
4 large eggs
3 cups of all purpose flour
2 tsps baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup of walnuts (optional)
1/2 cup of craisins
1/2 cup of raisins

Mix together by hand until thoroughly mixed. Don't use mixer if possible. Grease loaf pans on bottom only. Bake at 350 on lower rack in oven for 1 hour. Makes 2 loaves.


A Cat Trick

This morning, as I was putting on my shoes I noticed there was something in them. Somehow my cat, Marmalade put some of her food in my shoes! How did she do that?? I am thankful that she only eats dry food because having wet cat food in your shoe would be gross! She had to have done this sometime during the night. I'm thinking of setting up a video camera to see what else she is up to when I am sleeping. She is definitely one of a kind!

Its A Nerve Thingy

I have written about this before. You may recognize some of the wording as I am taking it from previous posts. I just wanted to give you a little background, but the most important part is the last paragraph. Feel free to skip over and scroll down to it.

Some of you are aware that with this "irritative cervical radiculopathy" thing that I have (my pain in the neck ). Quite often it causes inflammation in/on my skull and makes it very tender...to the point that even my hair actually hurts. My week has been full of this kind of pain

Testing One Two Three
Posted by Mary Lee Thursday, November 13, 2008
Let me tell you about my latest exciting adventure. It is kind of a long story and it has nothing to do with riding the bus! One morning I woke up and my arms felt like they were on fire..kinda like a severe sunburn. I kept thinking "this is not right" and after about an hour of off/on pain, I drove myself to the ER. I described my symptoms to the triage nurse and within 5 minutes they had me hooked up to an EKG. The nurse kept looking at me then looking at the machine then looking at me really strangely. I'm thinking...this is not good...first I don't have to wait 10 hours to be seen and now the nurse is looking like their might be a problem. She doesn't say anything but leads me to an ER brick..I mean bed. Gives me the fashionable backless gown and tells me she will be right back. Immediately after she goes; the vampires come in for my blood. Three arms later they finally get what they need. The nurse returns with another EKG machine. Apparently the first one wasn't working properly...I think it said I was dead or something like that. It was wrong. After the EKG was completed, she wired me to a cardiac monitor and started an IV. After a while someone came to take me for a chest x-ray then returned me to my room. Soon a Doctor came in. I described my symptoms. He said "weird". He also said it could be a heart problem and they would probably do more tests. About an hour later someone came in an said they were going to move me to another location. He said it is one step closer to going home. He moved me into the hall!! I think they needed the room. A few minutes later the ER Doc came over and said they were going to admit me and keep me overnight for observation. So they moved me to another location in the ER. Once again they hooked me up to the cardiac monitor and also put me on oxygen..somebody came along and took more blood. I was in this room for at least two hours...but it had a TV...I watched the game show network! Later, they come to move me to the observation unit. In preparation for the move they placed a defibrillator unit at the bottom of the bed. I exclaimed..gee I sure hope we don't need that! They laughed and said not to worry, they just needed a portable device to hook into while they moved me. I finally get to my room. I had been at the hospital since 6am and it is now approaching 4pm. Dinner finally showed up about 5:30 pm. I hadn't eaten all day and I was really hungry. Needless to say, the hospital food kinda tasted good...I knew I must be really sick to think that! Right about that time Rita (co-worker) came in for a visit. We chatted for a while and then a different doctor came in. He wanted to know if I had been taken in for a CAT scan. I hadn't. He said he would go find out why because he had ordered one. Rita left about 6:45. Around 7:10 Laurie and Holly (more co-workers) stop in. They stayed until about 8pm when the nurse came to take me in for the test. She drove me to the test area and parked me in the hall. It was a nice view of the door of the x-ray room. I waited there about 15 minutes then they wheeled me in for the test. Five minutes later I was back out in the hall waiting for my driver. Back to my room. Nothing to do but watch TV and listen to sick people. I finally drift off to sleep about 1am only to be awakened at 2:30 by a nurse wanting more blood samples. I could not go back to sleep, nothing on TV but infomercials and home shopping network. Finally breakfast arrives about 8:30. I figure I must be feeling better because everything has no taste. I ate it anyway. About 11am I called Jayne and told her where I was and asked her to come pick up my keys and go feed my cat. She said she would be there asap. About 20 minutes later they took me up to cardiology for an echo stress test. That is where they take an ultrasound of your heart at rest and then when stimulation is added they take another ultrasound. The technicians explained how the test would work..after the at rest test, they would inject a drug equal to six (yes six) cups of coffee and do another ultrasound. I said that it sounded scary to me and I wondered how many days and nights I would be awake! Then the cardiologist came in and asked me if I could walk on the treadmill because he really didn't like administering the caffeine shot. I opted for the treadmill! After that was over he said I needed to have an angiogram. He explained the procedure and told me I would be awake during the whole thing. AWAKE I CAN'T BE AWAKE!!!! He said it would be OK they would give me something so I would not feel a thing. Then they wheeled me off to the Cardiac Cauterization Unit. It was about this time Jayne finally caught up to me. I gave her my spare keys and instructions for Marmalade. Then I realized she really didn't need any direction about how to take care of a cat....she has several of her own!! We chatted for a while and then the nurse came in with a razor. At that time Jayne excused herself and....never mind. At 3:30 they wheeled me into the operating room. At 3:50 it was all over and I really didn't feel a thing! The cardiologist shook my hand and said my heart was just fine and I could be released in a couple of hours. They wheeled me back to my room. I was instructed to not lift my head or move my legs for at least 2 hours. That was hard, but I did it. Around 5:30 dinner was served. It is very hard to eat while laying almost completely flat and not being able to lift your head!!! Fortunately Pastor Sharon came in around that time. She held my glass so I could drink through a straw. Thanks Sharon! She also prayed with me..that was nice. I needed a ride home so Sharon said to call when I got released and someone would come and take me home. Finally around 8pm they told me all tests were negative and I was being released. Great, I said but that still doesn't explain the arm pain. The nurse said "wow that's true" and wandered off. Another nurse returned with my discharge instructions and I was set free. I called Sharon. She sent Tom and Charlotte to pick me up. Tom drove my car home. Charlotte brought me a big bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup...the best ever!! I got home and my cat spoke to me long and loud! I spent the next couple of days resting...my cat was by my side day and night. I think she missed me. My malady is still a mystery! I told you it was a long story.

I have this bizarre nerve thingy that at times "imitates life threatening conditions" (a quote from my Doctor). Most of the time it is just weird, assorted pains in my head and neck accompanied by swelling and tingling in my joints. This has been going on for years...apparently a chronic condition. Anyway, I said all that to say this: I have had a very difficult couple of weeks with this and when you think of it please pray for me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Imagine if you will...having the building's printer down the hall in another room. Now, picture yourself having to print labels and certificates using that printer. Both of those things require special paper to get the job done. Before they can be printed you must add this special paper to the printer. Then comes the fun part. You have to hurry back to your computer and push print...all the while hoping no one else prints anything; because if they do, it will print on the special paper. This will make both parties print jobs useless. This happens quite often. I have been asking for a printer for my office ever since we moved to this building over a year ago and the Director always said "no". The other day I was once again taking to my Supervisor about this. I said "since all those people retired there has got to be a few printers not being used, how about letting me have one?" She said she would ask the Director. Later that very same day, I received an email telling me I could have a printer!! I immediately emailed her back asking what I had to do to get the printer here. The response was: "come and get it". Before anyone could change their mind; I zoomed down the street and got my printer!! I then went to my Supervisor's office (the Director just happened to be in her office) and thanked them a bunch. Now everyone wants their own printer!!

Happy Birthday Field Lily

Today is Kathy's birthday and I wanted to be the first one in blog land to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a great day my friend. I would sing the birthday song but...well, you know. I don't want to spoil the day for you!

Weeders Wanted!

There is one of my cantaloupes...almost ripe

Marmalade observing the new corn crop.

Remember to click pic for an up close view!
Two shots of recently blooming sunflower. Check out the birds on the wires waiting for seeds to form!
No pictures of this, but I am getting ready to plant a new batch of squash. I think the ants pretty much destroyed the plants because now they look like they are dying :(. Of course after planting I will sprinkle coffee grounds and baking soda over the entire garden!

Speaking of Bugs...

This morning I noticed my squash plants were looking a bit odd. Then I noticed one of the squash had turned black! I discovered they had been invaded by hundreds of ants...the squash hadn't actually turned black; it was just being eaten. This did not make me happy. I turned to the Internet to find a "natural" way to get rid of ants. There were several suggestions and I chose two...I already had the stuff so I didn't have to buy anything. One of the remedies is coffee grounds and the other is black pepper. I ran out and dumped this mornings' coffee grounds on and around the invaders and then sprinkled a healthy dose of pepper all around. Apparently they eat the grounds and explode (so the Internet says). I'm not sure what the pepper does...probably makes them sneeze to death. So anyway, I went back out about 30 minutes later and..no live ants!!!! Mission accomplished. I also learned that baking soda, uncooked grits and instant rice will also do the deed! If you are a kind-hearted soul and don't actually want to kill them, you can sprinkle flour around the plants and the ants won't cross over the flour. Evidently i am not a kind-hearted soul!


Yesterday I was telling Kathy about the strange assortment of insects/bugs in my garden. Many I have never seen before. Well, she wanted me to capture some so she and the children could study them as part of their science lessons. So, I went out there this morning with jar in hand to catch these mysterious creatures. Of course; because I am looking for them; I could not find any! Just the normal everyday "garden variety" bugs. They must have heard I was out to get 'em and left for a 4th of July party in someone else's garden. Sorry Kathy. I will try again in a few days.

Happy Fourth of July


Enjoy the day!

A Beeeaauuutiful Sight

This is what I saw when I arrived at work this morning
The A/C unit has arrived!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy

Over to the left is a huge crane......

Going up! Please please please don't drop it.