Easy Bake Oven

I drove an Easy Bake Oven from the airport to the Wright's home yesterday. Believe me when I say there was nothing sweet about it!! There was no light bulb (or air conditioning) involved here. Just heat. I think I got a sunburn ☼

A Cats Tail...or...Tale

So yesterday I remembered it was time to get Marmalade her yearly shots (actually past time). I called the Vet’s office to schedule an appointment. It so happened there was an opening that very same day at 5:45pm. Anyway; I got off work a bit early and rushed home. I immediately got the pet carrier out and Marmalade went into hiding. Apparently she knows what the carrier means…..and she does not like it! Fortunately I live in a small place so there are not many places for her to hide. I had to drag her out from under the desk kicking and screaming (that was me, she was meowing and scratching!) I only sustained one minor scratch-hardly bled at all. We made it to the office and while in the exam room Marmalade protested loudly (as only she can) at the injustice of it all. After a thorough examination including 3 shots, the dreaded weigh-in and $118.00 the cat was declared healthy…yea! It appears that lying around in the garden has proven to be beneficial for Marmalade. She has lost 5 ounces in the last year and now is a svelte 14lbs 10oz big baby kitty! When we got home she demanded to be let out to the backyard…without delay she stomped into the garden and took a nap. What a cat!