I Have Returned!

Wow! So its been a while since I posted anything. I think it could be due to the fact that my brain was fried from driving the Easy Bake Oven (see last post). The neurons and receptors ceased firing…short circuiting the part of the brain that allows blogical thinking. That is my story and I am sticking to it! Well really you haven't missed much..except for viewing my (almost) 10ft tall sunflowers! This season I am not planting anything in my garden. Instead I am preparing the soil for the next planting season. There are now layers of compost, newspaper and shredded paper, peat moss, grass clippings and dirt in my garden. The space is totally covered over with a large sheet of beautiful black plastic. Supposedly; when I remove the plastic in about six weeks, all that stuff will have morphed into rich garden soil. We shall see! I would take a picture but really, who wants to look at that?! It is quite amusing however to watch Marmalade walk across it…she tip toes..I mean tip paws across. Highly amusing.