Happy Easter

Whats Next?

Wow! March is almost over and I have barely blogged. But hey; I've been busy! School work, work work, yard work, weeding, weeding weeding...well, you get the idea. In a previous blog I mentioned I had changed my March challenge from walking daily to 30 minutes of daily physical activity; enough to work up a sweat. I have been hugely successful in that endeavor but boy oh boy; that daily walk would have been sooooo much easier! I will, at some point, take up the walking challenge again...maybe in October. What is my challenge for April you ask? I am going to drink more water. I really don't drink it much as I prefer other things like coffee and milk. But, I am challenging myself to drink a minimum of 32 ounces daily. I actually went out and bought a 32 oz cup. This might not sound like much of a challenge to most people but it is to me.  All I can say is: "cheers".

Not Walking

I have been really busy with my homework and planting my garden. Then replanting it after we had a rare "snow storm" in Phoenix. I have to say that my March challenge isn't going very well. :( I kinda changed it up once I realized it (the daily walk) wasn't happening. So...instead I decided to do 30 minutes of yard work everyday. Things are getting cleaned, organized and spruced up. By the end of March I will probably wish I would have keep the walking commitment!