Two Cats A Dog And A Frog

Or maybe it was a toad. I don't know. More on that later. I was going to write this post last night but the storm knocked out the Internet! Anyway, let me tell you about last night's adventure. It was a dark and stormy night (really). The thunder was booming and the lightening was flashing all around. There was a deluge of rain. It was great...except for one thing. Marmalade is afraid of storms. She gets all wild eyed and hides. Well, this storm lasted at least 30 minutes (still raining this morning)and about half way through I thought about Lady (dog ) who is also afraid of storms. I thought about her because I am pet sitting her and Sparkly Doo Dah (other cat in story) while their owners are away. I was worried about her even though she has a great dog house in her backyard. Well, I knew I had to go over there after the storm, and my cat settled down. Finally, the storm moved on. I found Marmalade scrunched under the microwave cart. After coaxing her out and reassuring her that the worst was over, I got in my car and went to Lady's rescue. It was about 9pm. I expected to encounter the storm somewhere along the way. I didn't. When I got to that part of town everything was as dry as a...desert. No rain , no wind, no storm. I was happy about that. I let Lady in the house while I went outside and moved her dog house . If it did storm later she would be better protected from the elements. When I came in; Lady was snoozing on the carpet and the cat was totally ignoring me. This will change in a couple of days...her owners had only been gone a few hours so she isn't missing them yet! Probably by Monday she will be more social. I stayed for an hour or so. I went to let Lady out and there was a large frog/toad at the door. I think it wanted in (don't worry I didn't bring it in). I opened the door, frog hopped away and Lady refused to get up and go outside. Finally she went out. However, she stood at the door and gave me her "I am very sad please let me in" look. I didn't fall for it though because it was late (waaaaay past my bedtime) and I needed to go home. I went home to find the storm had returned for round two! Marmalade was hiding, lawn chairs were flying around in the backyard, trash cans were falling over, sirens blaring and dogs howling. What a night!

3 Response to "Two Cats A Dog And A Frog"

  1. Beth says:
    August 22, 2009 at 10:16 AM

    That was nice of you to check in on Lady and Sparkly. I watched them once and made up a song; have I ever taught you "The Lady Song?" Here in Granville the storm was very mild also. No frogs here, but I have started finding a number of little dead lizards on the carpet lately. Mighty Hunter Neil has still got it!

  2. Dan says:
    August 29, 2009 at 10:04 PM

    What a friend Lady has in you, and ditto for us.

  3. Kathy says:
    August 29, 2009 at 10:09 PM

    I'm with Dan! Thanks Mary Lee.