Sunday Morning Ramblings

Sorry, no pictures, I have to get batteries for my camera! The other day I cut off Goliath's brothers' head and took it over to Danny and Kathy's' house. Bethany wanted to know why I didn't bring the whole plant. I explained to her that it was huge and I would have to dig it up...a lot of work. I asked her why she wanted the whole thing and her reply..."we could study it". So....the next morning I went outside and dug the stalk up. I put the root end in a plastic bag and put the giant stalk in my barely fit! I then drove over to their house. On the way over I got several strange looks from other drivers. After all its not every day you see an orange car with a big leafy sunflower stalk driving down the road! The big leafy sunflower stalk wasn't driving, I was. Just wanted to clear that up! So, now they have the entire sunflower-in two parts. Last I saw it, it was leaning up against the house on the back porch! I hung out with them for a while..enjoying coffee and donuts. After that , I went to the local Christian bookstore to buy a new bible to replace the one which was stolen. I found one that was exactly what I wanted (NIV LARGE PRINT) and it was even on sale! I also bought a couple of CDs by Casting Crowns. When I got home from my adventure, I noticed the dirty birds were extremely interested in the remaining sunflower. I got my big knife and went out and cut its head off and brought it in. That head is going to my friend Jayne. I then went out to the garden and knock over (with great effort) the remaining two stalks. I now have to dig them out. There is a large hole where I dug out the first one. So, this morning my cat and I go out to the garden to observe the sunflower carcasses. Marmalade spies the hole and jumps in. She fits in it quite nicely! (I said it was a big hole) She peers over the top and every now and then she jumps out and attacks the dirt! I drink coffee. The end.

1 Response to "Sunday Morning Ramblings"

  1. Kathy says:
    August 9, 2009 at 2:18 PM

    It's still leaning! : ) I can only imagine the looks you got on your drive over. Thank you, by the way!!! Study, we shall!