A Maze Ing

OK, so anybody who knows me realizes that I am "directionally challenged". Meaning: I get lost or turned around easily. Today I was on my way over to feed the dog and cat when I decided I needed something to eat. I thought Taco Bell sounded good so I turned down Bell Road in search of one. I made a turn into who knows where and encountered a maze of streets leading to unknown locations. No Taco Bell. Well, I wound my way through until I came to a main road. Here, you were only able to go right so I did. Then, thinking I was on the correct path to the Wright house, I made another right. Guess what?? I was back in the same maze of unknown streets. Hummm, I thought, maybe if I just go to the next signal I can get on the right path. By then I had given up on finding a Taco Bell and decided to hit whatever drive-thru came in sight. So anyway, the next signal did little to get me in the right direction. I did however, find a Sonic. Upon leaving the Sonic, I took a wild guess and drove in that direction. It was right!!! Lady was VERY happy to see me. She greeted me as only she can. WooWoo! I made her even happier when I gave her part of my hamburger! I figured she deserved it because she had to wait extra long for her dinner. Sparky was glad to see me too. She is laying as close to the keyboard as she can possibly get...purring contentedly. No more side trips for me....unless I have a navigator.

1 Response to "A Maze Ing"

  1. Beth says:
    August 27, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    I got lost once on the way to the Wright's too! DO NOT attempt to get to 75th Ave by another street that runs East-West and is N. of the 101!