A Deranged Bee

(I had this ready to post a week ago, but for some reason neglected to publish it)

Actually it was a wasp. A wasp of Biblical proportions! I was in the garden (which at the moment is just dirt and weeds) weeding. Marmalade was by my side observing my every move. Suddenly, this huge insect flew by at an alarming rate of speed! It doubled back and attempted to land on my bare foot. Not wanting to be stung-I foolishly fling a dirt clod at it. Bad idea. This made the giant wasp angry and it flew directly at me..hitting me. The impact made it fall to the ground (probably with a concussion). Now, my cat sees the wasp wriggling on the ground and tries to get it. She lets out her crazy cat meow at bats at the insect. Well, I had to take charge of the situation. I certainly didn't want Marms to get stung! I captured the behemoth between a trowel and a stick. I could actually feel the wasp's vibration on the trowel. Now what? For a second I thought about letting it go, but quickly decided against it. So, I'm standing there with a deranged bee and an almost as deranged cat. I had to kill it. As I am trying to squish the thing, it shoot out a very large stinger! Fortunately it was aim away from me and the cat. Finally, after chopping it into 3 pieces it was dead. I would have taken a picture of it but I need batteries for the camera. Trust me...it was huge! Going to get batteries now.

1 Response to "A Deranged Bee"

  1. Kathy says:
    August 29, 2009 at 10:01 PM

    I hope I don't have nightmares! I shouldn'tve read that before going nightie-night!