Gardening 101

Or….Some things I have learned about gardening.

Digging a garden is hard work, befriend someone with a rototiller.
Sunflowers don’t like to be transplanted.
Bugs and insects of every kind will visit. Some will stay.

Buy more seeds than you think you need.
Plant more than you think will grow…you can always thin the herd.
The weeds and grass will always grow faster than any plants.

Nobody will voluntarily help you weed.
Throw a garden party. When the guests arrive hand em’ a pair of gloves and a trowel. Say: “SURPRISE it is really a weed pulling party”.
The people who stay are your true friends.

Get more than one tomato plant.
Plant lots of corn. Each stalk only yields two ears! Who knew!!?
Make sure you cover newly planted and young sprouts. I use homemade chicken wire cages.
Birds have very good eyesight and will eat the newly planted and young sprouts if not covered.
If you have a bird problem, get 50 cats! Or just cover your plants.

Marauding ants can be killed with baking soda…just don’t get any on your plants; they will turn brown.
If you think your garden is big enough-its not.

Amazingly your cat will not sit on or eat the plants.

Visit and enjoy your garden at every opportunity.

1 Response to "Gardening 101"

  1. Kathy says:
    August 4, 2009 at 9:00 AM you can teach our gardening class! : ) Does that mean we have to do a hands on project like helping you pull weeds???