Run...Don't Walk

Every year at my place of employment we are required to take a certain amount of training classes. Things like Ethics, Safety, Court Policy and Procedure, Customer Service etc.. A new class was offered this year; "Civilian-How to Deal With an Active Shooter". In the wake of the recent spate of shootings; I thought it would be a good idea to take this class. It was taught by sheriffs deputies and the Department of Homeland Security. It is unfortunate there is a need to know this information but I believe it is good to know about such things...being prepared for any situation is important. I liken it to keeping oil in your lamp! Anyway, it was a very informative class and I learned from it. Run, hide and if all else fails fight may lose your life but if you are able to incapacitate the bad guy you may have saved countless lives. Sacrificing your life for interesting concept!

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