I Admit It

I am directionally challenged. Meaning; if it is not in my "territory" I am probably going to get lost. Yesterday I had to go to Tempe to buy a textbook for my upcoming class. I figured I would get it after work so I went online to mapquest and got directions. Following directions I made it swiftly and easily to the location. However; the return trip wasn't as successful. I knew where I needed to go but couldn't quite figure out how to get there! So, after driving around Tempe for awhile I finally made it to a freeway which eventually got me to another freeway and familiar ground. A drive that should have been about 40 minutes round trip ended up much longer. But; the good news is, I got my book and made it home....eventually.

1 Response to "I Admit It"

  1. Susan says:
    January 3, 2013 at 7:39 AM

    I'd say you were successful.