My Self-Diagnosis

I can't remember when or where (facebook, blog or email) but I know I've written about this before. But I didn't have a name for it. I am referring to my weird headaches, panic/anxiety attacks and quite possibly the worst symptom; the sore, painful to the touch scalp; AND hair. That's right; my hair hurts to touch it let alone get it cut! Fortunately my head and hair isn't always like this; but when it is it is miserable. This has all been going on for several years and I have been researching for just as long. I finally decided to keep a "headache diary" and record the symptoms, frequency and any other noteworthy items. although there is pain everyday to some degree; the really intense headache etc occurs about every 3-5 weeks, lasting an average of 7 days of varying intensity. It usually starts with something called an "aura" or a warning signal/sign. In my case this aura begins with tingling in the upper arms followed and incredible urge to sleep day and night, an intermittent stabbing pain in my right ear and cravings for salty snacks, Chinese food and chocolate. Followed by panic/anxiety attacks, neck stiffness and headaches that seem to move around at will. While the headaches are in full gear; the scalp and hair tenderness begins. The few things that eases these symptoms are Advil (can't take too much..not good for you), gallons of coffee and standing in a HOT shower. So; my self diagnosis is.....drum roll please....Migraine Headaches with Allodynia. I know you all know what Migraines are but; let me tell you what Allodynia is. It is pain from a "non-painful stimulation". There are several factors associated with this condition. Symptoms include migraine with aura (have), stressful childhood with emotional abuse (had) and being overweight (am). Allodynia develops over a period of time and many migraine sufferers are prone to it. It is a manifestation of central nervous system sensitization. I can't really explain it any further but if you Google it you can get more complete information. I am going to print that information out and give it to my Doctor on my next visit; along with this blog. Actually; I wrote this particular post with that intention. I am going to ask him for a caffeine drip. LOL! I am more convinced than ever that the "sinus" headaches I had as a kid were actually migraines! Oops, I forgot a few symptoms; grouchy, light sensitivity and certain noises really bother me. 

2 Response to "My Self-Diagnosis"

  1. Susan says:
    January 25, 2013 at 3:39 AM

    WOW Mary Lee. Sounds awful. I have been blessed to have never had a migraine. I had a 1/2 sister who suffered from them. I pray with the information you have shared the Dr. will be able to help. Do you know anything about the Oils of the Bible? I am just now getting into them so know very little but it rings true to My Spirit that God has furnished us with natural cures and also right ways of eating. An area I am going to delve into. You might want to check around and see who in your area has knowledge of these oils. I just got one called Exodus II 3 days ago and am using it with an issue I have and believing God is going to use this to heal me.

  2. Mary Lee says:
    January 27, 2013 at 7:00 AM

    Thanks Susan, I will check it out!