In The Begining......

....there was this plot of dirt. Actually it was a plot of grass first. Some crazy person chose to dig up the grass and planted seeds in the dirt. Those seeds began to grow; and insane, deranged birds decided to feast on the little plants. For their own protection; the crazy person put the little plants in cages. The birds were not happy.

Finally, the day came went the little plants could no longer be contained. They were set free to grow and prosper.

They continue to grow, prosper and bear fruit. Amazingly, the birds have kept their distance!

The garden continues to grow. The crazy person has decided the garden is too small and plans to expand soon.

Look at all the space the crazy person could make into a larger garden.

The crazy person only wants to enlarge to garden another 5 feet. That would make it approximately 10 x 15. Click on the pictures for a better view. Somewhere in the garden a cat is resting.

1 Response to "In The Begining......"

  1. Mari says:
    June 9, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    The crazy person may not be so crazy! She will soon be eating some wonderful homegrown produce!