Did you know that every 12 years you have to update your drivers license photo at the DMV? Well you do. I got the notice in the mail and it had to be done by April 1st. So, I went this morning about 10:15. It is not a good sign when 99% of the parking spaces are taken. Oh well, I knew it was going to crowded. I walk in to see a very long line just to get a number and only one person operating the desk. Eventually I got my number A083. Not bad I thought. Then I noticed they used the ENTIRE alphabet and in what appeared to be in no particular order! So I waited, then I waited some more. Finally A083 was called. I paid my money then I had to go wait in the picture line. The machine spat out 2 pictures and then broke down. Big sigh here. As the ladies behind the counter were fixing the problem the line grew increasingly longer until it was no longer distinguishable as a line. Finally they fixed it, but had to retake everybodys picture that was ahead of me...I wondered how long they had been there! About 2 hours after my entry into the DMV my picture was taken; and what an awful picture it is. I am having an abnormally bad hair day as is evident in the photo. It also looks like I am really, really mad! It is probably how I would look if I were stopped by the police. But; I gladly took it and went on my way. I consoled myself with a stop at Panda new favorite is Mandarin Chicken...yummy! No, you may NOT see the picture.

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  1. Elizabeth says:
    March 30, 2009 at 8:37 PM


  2. Kristi says:
    March 31, 2009 at 3:35 AM

    Oh, C'MON! I'm trying to get a laugh over here...