Marmalade and I just got back from her yearly Vet visit. Last year she weighed in at 13lb 13oz. Guess what she weighs now...go ahead take a guess. I will tell you in just a bit. First let me tell you about the trip there. My cat is a talker..even in her sleep. Well; she loudly expressed her displeasure at being in a cage all the way there and back. I am surprised she didn't hyperventilate because she never stopped meowing. Whew! I'm glad that's over. Right now she is contentedly perched on the windowsill staring outside...probably at a bird. OK; she now weighs in at a whopping 14lb 15oz! I told the Vet she was big-boned, still has her thick winter coat and just ate breakfast. Next cat food purchase will be Iams Light!

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  1. Beth says:
    March 28, 2009 at 6:39 PM

    Last Fall my niece who had recently moved to Tucson visited me. She remarked that my cat Ravi was looking pretty broad and that I should be careful since her cat Midnight, who must have been about 20 pounds, developed diabetes in his later years and had to be put down when he was unable to tolerate the insulin shots. I thought about it, and decided to convert the "boys" over from free feeding to putting handfuls of food (already diet :-), one in each dish) out for them several times each day. I read the bag to see how much an average cat is supposed to consume. There were a lot of protests at first, but they are getting used to it now. Ravi has lost weight and is looking good. Marmalade is extremely assertive though, so I don't know if you would survive such an attempt :-) Kathy's slim Sparkly seems to belong to a different species.