The Wheels on the Bus....

...go round and round, round and round, round and round all thru the town. Well I have written about some of the people on the bus and today I have to write about the bus itself. On the way home I usually board one of those double buses...the ones that look like they are attached in the middle by an accordion and duct tape! It sorta reminds me of a slinky..except Slinky's go end over end while the bus would only go side to side. When you first get on the bus and you look to the back you feel as if the back of the bus is in another zip code. It is actually two buses (only one engine) hooked together with the accordion/duct tape contraption. The middle seats in the accordion section are on a revolving floor. When the bus turns a corner; those seats turn with it....kinda like a slow ride at Disneyland! The other weird thing about it is; when you are setting in the rear of the bus and it turns a corner you can actually see the passengers in the front of the bus through the windows. Oh, and at every turn it makes a strange noise as if someone had just sat on a whoopee cushion!. At first I thought it was from a whoopee cushion... but...its not!
I have learned I cannot sit in the revolving accordion, duct tape seat section because it makes me nauseous! What an adventure!!

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