Not Walking

I have been really busy with my homework and planting my garden. Then replanting it after we had a rare "snow storm" in Phoenix. I have to say that my March challenge isn't going very well. :( I kinda changed it up once I realized it (the daily walk) wasn't happening. So...instead I decided to do 30 minutes of yard work everyday. Things are getting cleaned, organized and spruced up. By the end of March I will probably wish I would have keep the walking commitment!

1 Response to "Not Walking"

  1. Susan says:
    March 10, 2013 at 3:00 PM

    I did not keep my commitment to fast every Tuesday for the 52 weeks in 2013 either. I made it through 9 and intentionally broke it on the 10th. With my knee pain, and other stress that was going on I just couldn't continue right now. I may try again later. I'm not beating myself up about it and am thankful for the 9 successful Tuesdays!!!