My Fist Visit

Back from the Doctor. Heard a lot of stuff; almost too overwhelming to take it all in...probably that why they gave me a huge packet of information! Took blood to test stuff that they need to test for. They are now waiting for authorizations from insurance company to do Pet Scan, insert a port, and do chemo and radiation treatments, another endoscopy and possible surgery. They hope to do the Pet scan by the end of the week and will call me with appointment time. So basically there is no new news but I do feel encouraged after the appointment. They said I look good for someone with esophageal cancer! /blood pressure was good too! God is good.

1 Response to "My Fist Visit"

  1. Susan says:
    August 27, 2013 at 5:08 AM

    "I do feel encouraged after the appointment." I liked this!!! You are the healed of The LORD, Mary Lee.