I was standing in the kitchen. Marmalade was preparing to jump on the counter.She jumped and somehow totally missed the the counter; instead she fell to the floor with a loud THUD!! She completely freaked out and ran outside and back inside. I was able to calm her down enough to assess the situation. She was obviously in pain and barely able to move. I scooped her up and made a mad dash to the Vet's office. It was determined she had torn or bruised the tendon(s) in her knee. I was given pain killer and anti-inflammatory for my big baby kitty. Also, strict orders not to jump and to stay as inactive as possible for a few days. That was easily achieved because the pain meds made her sleep. In the meantime; Tabby was at a loss for what to do. There was no one to chase around the house. So...she would decide I should play with her AT 2A.M. for several nights in a row!! She would jump on me, chew on my hair...she even laid on my neck and stuck her paw in my throat. GAG!! Happily Marmalade is starting to feel better and Tabby is back to focusing on her! However it will still be awhile before Marmalade is back to her normal self.

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