A Stone's Throw

Here is another bus story. I know I said I probably wouldn't write about my bus riding adventures everyday but.....I have to tell you about this one. Yesterday, I was sitting there minding my own business when I noticed this guy (outside) looking like he was about to throw something and a nano second later the bus window shattered! I and another couple were sitting in the seats next to that window! The couple and I shook off the small pieces of glass and promptly moved to seats on the other side of the bus. The driver safely stopped; called his supervisor and announced to the riders that there would be a slight delay. About 1/2 of the people got off the bus and started walking. The rest of them crowded around wanting to know what happened and if we were okay. It was kind of neat because everyone just started talking as if they had known us for years. The concern seemed genuine and friendly. The supervisor came and took pictures of the damage; duct taped the window and wrapped yellow caution tape around the seats. Both the driver and the supervisor apologized for the delay, the driver turned the "not in service" sign on and drove the remainder of us to the transfer center. The comraderie continued as we got off the bus...everyone saying goodby and telling each other to be safe. The window incident was a bit un-nerving but the end result was good. Yes, I am still riding the bus.

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